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  • Are you embarking on an initiative that requires the documentation of your supply chain processes?
  • Do you have a methodology and framework for documenting those processes?
  • Are you looking for pre-built supply chain process maps, which are based on industry standards, to help accelerate this initiative?

ProcessesNow gives you a head-start by providing you with supply chain process maps which will reduce your cost and effort by as much as 70%.

  • Provides pre-built process maps, based on the SCOR framework
  • Is technology agnostic and requires no specific software platform
  • Extends SCOR to level six and links to transaction codes of SAP APO and Oracle Demantra
  • Enables a creation of a central repository for all process-related documentation


  • Pre-built process maps based on the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) framework
  • Process maps available for the following modules:
    • Demand Planning
    • Production Planning & Detailed Scheduling
    • Supply Network Planning
    • Global Available to Promise
  • Enables linking of processes to design documents, training collateral, and more
  • Applicable across industries and customizable to your company’s specific needs
  • Allows easy navigation across various levels with user friendly interface
  • Installation via intranet, leading to organization-wide access to processes
  • No specific system requirements or OS/Platform required
  • Enables quick mapping of key supply chain planning processes
  • Provides templatized process maps for your supply chain, simplifying rollouts to different business units and geographies
  • Facilitates training of new employees by providing detailed process maps
  • Can enable standardization of processes and training
  • How do I use ProcessNow™?
    It can be leveraged for following purposes
    • To clearly understand the planning processes right up to the transaction level and leverage it for business process transformation.
    • To develop a template solution for SAP APO which can be rolled out to different business units or countries
    • As the basis for analysis in identifying opportunities for improvement
    • As an integrated knowledge repository which holds the process maps, training documents, scenarios documents, RICEFs, planning organization roles etc.
    • As a training tool for planning processes and how they are mapped in APO

  • What is difference between ProcessNow™? and ProcessNow Pro™?
    The main difference between ProcessNow™ and ProcessNow Pro™ is the software which is used to create the Process Maps. ProcessNow™ uses Microsoft Visio for building and editing the process maps. ProcessNow Pro™ uses ARIS, one of the leading tools used for process mapping. With ARIS, it is possible to navigate and drill down from one level to another with the application itself. It is also possible to add “best practices” and “metrics” to various processes.
    ProcessNow™ is for customers who are new into the world of process mapping, don’t have an ARIS license, want to document their planning processes quickly and have no plans to integrate it with SAP solution manager in future.
    ProcessNow Pro™ is for more advanced customers who either already have an ARIS license or are planning to buy in the near future, have good understanding of process mapping and want to integrate the process maps with SAP solution manager.

  • Can ProcessNow™ be customized as per my company needs?
    Yes! ProcessNow™ and ProcessNow Pro™ can be easily customized as per clients’ processes and needs. The pre-built Level 4-6 process maps can be customized to reflect the actual planning processes as mapped in SAP APO.

  • Can my APO training documents be linked with ProcessNow™?
    ProcessNow™ and ProcessNow Pro™ can be converted into an integrated knowledge repository so that all the relevant training documents, scenario documents, RICEFs details, etc. are linked to the various processes at different levels.

  • How will ProcessNow™ be delivered?
    ProcessNow™ will be delivered as a portal which can be located on the intranet of the company. For easy navigation, different levels of the process maps will be arranged in a tree structure so that each level and its further details can be collapsed and expanded as required. Apart from this, the master copy of the various process maps will be delivered in Microsoft Visio or ARIS, depending on the version of ProcessNow™ purchased.

  • Is SAP APO a pre-requisite to use ProcessNow™?
    The full benefits of ProcessNow™ will be realized when SAP APO is either already implemented or is going to be implemented soon. However, it is still useful even without SAP APO since the process maps up to Level 4, and to an extent Level 5, are generic. We are currently in the process of building ProcessesNow™ for Oracle and Kinaxis as well.

  • Is there any evaluation version of ProcessNow™?
    At this point, there is no evaluation version of ProcessNow™, but feel free to contact us to schedule a demo which will showcase the various features and functionalities of ProcessNow™.

  • Is the software required specific to any OS/Platform?
    No, ProcessNow™ is not specific to any OS/Platform. It uses HTML/JavaScript for the portal and MS Visio or ARIS for developing process maps.

  • What are the system requirements?
    For the portal, there are no specific system requirements.

  • Are there any precautions to be taken with regard to upgrades or installations?
    No, there are no special precautions required during installation.

  • How do I get more information about ProcessNow™?
    To get more information on ProcessNow™ or to schedule a demo, please use the online form and someone will get back to you shortly.

  • How do I purchase ProcessNow™?
    To get the pricing of ProcessNow™ and any introductory deals available, please contact us via the online form.