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  • Are you using or planning to use SAP APO?
  • Do you need the ability to create dashboards/reports in real-time?
  • Do you want to be able to create dashboards/ reports without IT involvement?

Planalyzer is an easy-to-use solution, integrated with SAP APO, that allows users to create dashboards and reports in real-time without any IT support. It reduces time and effort involved in reporting and analysis by 80%.

  • Self-service application for real-time analysis of planning data in APO
  • Provides rich data visualization capabilities
  • Ready-to-install with no customization required
  • Reduces solution implementation time from 4-6 months to 8 hours


  • Sources data directly from APO LiveCache
  • Provides ability to choose specific planning areas in SAP SCM system for analysis
  • Self-service functionality allows users to create their own dashboard
  • On-the-fly mapping of planning data to different chart types, as well as to a table format
  • Allows the drilling down to detailed levels
  • Top-down and bottom-up data distribution for different hierarchy levels
  • Leverages standard functionality and security model of existing SAP SCM system
  • Better decision-making with real-time analysis and reporting
  • Ability to identify planning issues at a higher level and quickly drill down to the detailed level
  • Reduces the need for custom reports and dashboards
  • Rapid deployment with no customization
  • No data staging required in SAP Business Warehouse
  • What is the UI used in PlanalyzerTM – excel or browser? If the UI is excel, then what version is supported?
    PlanalyzerTM is a standalone application built using SAP dashboard (Xcelsius) and is installed on user desktop/laptop. It can also be deployed on Business Objects InfoView (or Launch Pad). New HTML5 version of PlanalyzerTM can be access from any browser.
  • Is the product mac supported?
    It works on Mac but we have not done the regression testing on Mac. Since current version is build using Xcelsius, which is based on Flash technology, application works on platform which supports flash applications. New HTML5 version of PlanalyzerTM will be platform agnostic.
  • What version of APO is supported?
    SCM 5.0 and above
  • When APO is upgraded, how will my PlanalyzerTM product be upgraded?
    Since application backend engine (Core) uses standard SAP BAPI’s there is less or no change required during upgrades. In case of any BAPI changes updates will be provided.
  • Does PlanalyzerTM create custom objects in APO?
    Application backend (Core) has custom Function Modules, Structures and Web Services
  • Does PlanalyzerTM use BAPI or custom RFC to get data from APO?
    PlanalyzerTM leverages standard BAPI to extract data from APO LiveCache and uses custom Web Service to connect to front-end application
  • How is the authentication done? Single sign-on supported?
    PlanalyzerTM uses SAP APO authentication
  • What kind of authorization check done in APO?
    PlanalyzerTM uses SAP APO authentication. Authorization check are same as APO user checks
  • How is PlanalyzerTM rolled out to new user?
    Install PlanalyzerTM application on user machine or deploy on Business Object Infoview (or Launch Pad)