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  • Are your planning results getting impacted due to the quality of your Master data?
  • Are you struggling to identify master data issues?
  • Are you looking to increase the adoption of SAP APO solution?

Manage DataNow enables real time validation of all planning relevant master data in SAP APO/ECC. It improves data quality, the quality of planning results and reduces trouble shooting time by over 90%.

Manage DataNow
  • Enables validation of all SAP APO Master Data, from products to transportation lanes
  • Seamlessly integrates with SAP APO
  • Provides exception based alerts aiding in quick identification of issues
  • Easily installable and ready to use within 6 hours


  • Comprehensive database of master data alerts
  • Easy access to the reports on various platforms (mobile, tablets and laptops)
  • Single stop solution for all the master data elements in APO
  • Visibility of multi-level multi location supply chain with key parameters in a single report
  • Ability to download detailed data for various master data elements
  • Accurate data, accurate planning results
  • Better utilization of planner’s time
  • Smoother APO planning process with minimal hiccups
  • Eliminates last minute surprises for the planner
  • Are there any prerequisites for using Manage DataNow™?
    Manage DataNow™ Web UI works on a web server.
    a) Server Side: The web server must have NodeJS installed.
    b) Client Side: The client side of NodeJS is accessed using a web browser. Manage DataNow™ Web UI has been optimized for all grade A browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera) on desktop, laptop and hand-held devices including mobile phones and tablets.
  • What should I do, in case I do not need all the alerts available in Manage DataNow™?
    The requisite alerts can be enabled or disabled at the organizational level. Further, planners can create their own alert profile, where they can select a sub set of the alerts available in the organization
  • What is the User Interface (UI) used for Manage DataNow™?
    Manage DataNow™ has two user interfaces available.
    Standard SAP UI, which can be accessed after logging into your SAP system, using Transaction Code – /n/bcone/data_now
    Web based UI can be accessed from any web enabled device, such as mobile, tablet, laptop.
  • Is Manage DataNow™ specific to any OS/Platform?
    Manage DataNow™ is not specific to any Operating System.
  • What are the system requirements?
    Minimum hardware requirements for Manage DataNow™ Web UI on server side is: -
    2 GB RAM
    2 CPU Cores
    20 GB Storage
  • When APO is upgraded, how will my Manage DataNow™ product be upgraded?
    Manage DataNow™ does not have any enhancements on top of standard SAP APO. It is completely custom developed with its own namespace and provided as an Add-On. Hence we expect no effect during generic SAP upgrades. However if any problems arise due to upgrades the same will be analysed and a patch will be provided by us.
  • How much time does it take to deploy Manage DataNowTM?
    Manage DataNowTM can be configured in as less as 8 Hours
  • How is the authentication done? Single sign-on supported?
    Manage DataNow™ uses SAP APO authentication
  • What kind of authorization check done in APO?
    Manage DataNow™ uses SAP APO authentication. Authorization check are same as APO user checks
  • How do I get more information about Manage DataNow™?
    To get more information on Manage DataNow™ or to schedule a demo, please use the online form and someone will get back to you shortly.
  • How do I purchase Manage DataNow™?
    To get the pricing of Manage DataNow™ and any introductory deals available, please contact us via the online form.