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  • Do you use or are planning to use SAP APO Demand Planning?
  • Are you looking for an Excel-based front end to enter the forecast?
  • Do you want to be able to enter the forecast while you are not connected to SAP and synchronize data at a later point?

Demand PlanningNow is an MS Excel user interface integrated with SAP APO, which increases user adoption by 50% and enables better collaboration with all stake holders involved.

Demand PlanningNow
  • Enriches demand planning with the efficiency of SAP SCM and ease of MS Excel
  • Enables seamless working between online and offline planning modes
  • Improves productivity of sales force and demand planners through streamlined processes
  • Reduces solution implementation time from 4-6 months to 8 hours


  • Quick installation results in a cost saving of almost 80% compared to a traditional implementation
  • Enhances on-the-go capability with an offline mode and allows simulations prior to uploading the data
  • Allows for easy consolidation of comments and single truth of the data
  • Empowers users with the ability to plan at any level in the product/organization hierarchy with real-time aggregation and disaggregation
  • Tracks data changes and provides front-end data validation and alerts
  • Combines the robust features of SAP Demand Planning with the ease and flexibility of Microsoft Excel
  • Provides the flexibility and versatility of working with large data sets and multiple partners with MS Excel as a front end
  • Better forecast accuracy and customer service
  • Improves data quality by providing validation and alerts in Excel
  • Improved interaction between partners using comments in Excel
  • Enables endless number of users to use the tool and ensures data sanctity even if multiple users try to change the same data
  • Automatically handles any changes/ realignment in the data set of a sales person
  • Which are the teams that can benefit from Demand PlanningNowTM?
    Business teams participating in demand planning process like customers, sales, marketing and demand planning can use this tool. It provides a hassle free environment for users to maintain their demand planning data into SAP without navigating to any SAP Screen.

  • Can Demand PlanningNowTM be customized as per my needs/SAP APO system landscape?
    Yes – Demand PlanningNowTM can be customized according to your demand planning processes, characteristics and key figures to be mapped, time horizon to maintain, time granularity (months, quarters, years) , macros/calculations to be mapped etc.

  • Are there any additional hardware/software requirements for deployment of tool?
    No, there are no other additional hardware requirements for the tool to work except for SAP APO Demand Planning setup and Microsoft Excel

  • How much time does it take to deploy Demand PlanningNowTM?
    Without any customizations, Demand PlanningNowTM can be downloaded and configured in as less as 8 Hours. However if there are any custom requirements, the deployment may range from 4-6 weeks.

  • Is there any evaluation version of Demand PlanningNowTM
    At this point, there is no evaluation version of Demand PlanningNowTM, but feel free to contact us to schedule a demo which will showcase the various features and functionalities of Demand PlanningNowTM

  • How do I get more information about Demand PlanningNowTM?
    To get more information on Demand PlanningNowTM or to schedule a demo, please use the online form and solution owners would get back to you shortly

  • How do I purchase Demand PlanningNowTM?
    To get information on how to purchase, please fill the online form. We will get back to you shortly on pricing options.