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  • Do you have the visibility of all your confirmed and unconfirmed orders in one centralized cockpit?
  • Is your APO performance inhibiting the planners’ ability to be agile and responsive?
  • Can you effectively manage sales order confirmations in case of supply disruptions/strategic changes?

Allocation Management Cockpit (AMC), helps you realize the full value of advanced Global Available To Promise (gATP) functionality by managing product allocations and sales order confirmations.

Allocation Management Cockpit
  • Manages product allocations and sales order confirmations to help realize the full value of advanced Global Available To Promise (gATP) functionality
  • Provides centralized data visibility, real-time order management, and efficient execution
  • Provides a robust and flexible user interface, enabling the management of product allocation quantities 12 times faster than the native APO transactions


  • Provides configurable Excel-like user interface with flexible views, enabling single screen review of sales order information, allocation, and consumption data
  • Enables faster data load performance and more efficient data management compared to the standard SAP Allocation Planning Books
  • Enables data search using transactional data queries, compared to only using CVC filtering
  • Allows multiple users to update product allocation quantities simultaneously, avoiding the locking issues found in standard SAP solutions
  • Allows real-time logging of all allocation quantity changes, as well as access to those logs through the tool
  • Enables easy Excel download and upload
  • Provides a more flexible and interactive BOP, allowing the user to run incremental BOP by data slices as small as a single sales order or sales orders consuming a single Allocation CV
  • Allows faster and more accurate updates of allocation, supporting a more real-time order management experience for your customer
  • Allows the business team to establish more granular product allocation structures and processes due to the vast improvements in speed and efficiency
  • Enables your team to micro manage sales order confirmations on-the-fly, as well as focus on broad order confirmation management without separate tools
  • Provides real-time change logs for granular visibility into the allocation quantity changes